Gemax Pro-II Digital Microscope


A much-improved version with a bigger screen, better resolution & with HDMI & USB ports.

Features :

1) Ideal for taking full pictures of Rings, Earrings & smaller Jewelry pieces as well as Diamonds & Gemstones in true color.

2) Great for initial use of Gemology, ideal for beginners. It comes with a small disk, which turns the base into Darkfield/Brightfield function.

3) Adjustable Lighting: Diffused lights from top & bottom, adjustable by the control wheel.

4) Multi-Level Magnifications: Gemax Pro-II, comes with height adjustment knobs from low to high, so the customer can achieve overall observation to tiny details of the object while scrolling it up & down.

5) Improved & Bigger screen (5″) with a new microchip to get true colors & crisp image of stones & jewelry.

6) Take high-resolution pictures at any time with the ‘Camera’ button up to 12m & videos in 1080P/720P.

7) Occupied with ” Gemax Protable Capture Pro II ” for measurement & other options.

8) Many useful accessories included,

i) C-Clamp: To read Laser Inscription on loose Diamonds & Stones.

ii) R-Clamp: To read Laser Inscription on Rings, Earrings & stud Jewelry.

iii) Microscope Tweezer: A professional wired Tweezer for inspecting loose Diamonds & Gems.

iv) Assorting Tray: A acrylic tray, with multi-size grooved to suits smaller to bigger stones. Great for color match and pairing.

v) H&A Viewer: A very useful attachment to see Hearts & Arrow cuts in diamonds & to analyze the cutting.

vi) Ring Clips: Provides a hands-free quality check/inspection.

vii) Background colour paper Set: 8 different colour paper set, to change the background while taking pictures or videos.

viii) Gooseneck LED Light: An additional USB light source for more brightness.

Software Download :

Windows : [ddownload id=”5902″ style=”link” text=”Gemax Protable Capture Pro-II (Windows)”]

Mac : [ddownload id=”5910″ style=”link” text=”Gemax Protable Capture Pro-II (MAC)”]


Specifications :-

1) LCD Display : 5″ IPS, 960X540
2) Magnification Ratio : 10X to 300X by digital
3) Picture Resolution : 12m/10m/8m/5m/3m/2m
4) Video Resolution : 1080P/720P
5) Focus Range: 5mm to 70mm manually
6) External Output: Through HDMI / TV / Computer
7) Powdered: By built-in rechargeable battery / Power adapter
8) Software: Windows / Mac compile measurement software
9) Product Size : 165(L)X158(W)X267(H)
10) Product Weight : 960gm
11) Certificates: With CE, FCC approval, RoHS compliance


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