Gemax ProII-GEM iLED DayLight Lamp


The Gemax Pro II-GEM iLED DayLight Lamp helps to compare in different color temperatures ranging from 3000k to 6500k, enabling you to see how the gemstones/diamonds react in different lighting environments.
The daylight standard is well-known: Diamonds and colorful Gemstones are meant to be evaluated in average noon sunlight with its relatively balanced color spectrum with a color temperature between 5500-6500 Kelvin.
Key Features :
1) 5 Step colour Temperature Range :
3000k : Warm Light, simulating incandescent light.
3800k : Sunrise Warm, morning lighting environment .
4800k : Showcase Warm, which perfectly resembles retail showroom lighting.
5600k : Noon Daylight, is the ideal time of day for color grading gemstones.
6500k : Cold Daylight, most preferable for colorless/colored diamonds.


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