Gemax Folding Polari-Loupe


Gemax Folding Polari-Loupe is a foldable cross polariscope. Can be used with a Gemax iLED Base light (sold separately) in white colour. A very handy tool on the go !!

A Polarized loupe helps in examining substances in polarized light to obtain or determine the stress in glass and other substances. It is simply one of the tools that analyze the light that passes through the gemstone.

In Gemology, it helps to obtain optical properties of transparent to translucent gem materials. Which means it can identify if a stone has singly refractive (SR), doubly refractive (DR) or is an aggregate (AGG). Some stones split the light (DR) and some not (SR) which gives them there unique property and easy to identify them through their light refraction property.


Precautions :

  • Clean with dry cloths the stone thouroughly before testing
  • Cannot use for opaque or assembled stone
  • If the stone is small, use a magnifier over the analyzer to get a better observation of the reaction
  • Check for pleochroism in advance for any transparent red stone before in use with the Polariscope


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