Gemax ECO Gem Refractometer


Gemax ECO Refractometer is designed for portability, accuracy & stable results. A lightweight ABS body makes it ideal for traveling. Hard Cube Zirconia measuring prism.

Features :

  • High-quality optical scratch-resistant synthetic CZ prism.
  • Bigger Eye-Piece 32mm for easy & quick view.
  • Aluminum alloy table which is 45mm thick.
  • An advanced optics system, shadow edge is straight and sharp, easy to read it.
  • In-Built narrow bandwidth monochromatic LED light.
  • Rechargeable with a USB cable.


Specifications : Gemax Eco. Gem Refractometer

  • Hard Cube Zirconia measuring prism.
  • Scale range:1.35-1.81.Accuracy: ±0.003,
  • High quality optical scratch proof glass.
  • Aluminum alloy table which is 45mm thick.
  • By advanced optic system,shadow edge is straight and sharp,easy to read it.
  • Internally installed the narrow band width (monochromatic) light.
  • inputing the voltage: DC3V direct current supply(AC100—240V).
  • Refractometer size:140mm*90mm*40mm/5.51in*3.54in*1.57in


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