Gemax iLED Gemological Microscope

Quick Overview

!! The New standard for Gemological Microscope !! * Occupied with Motic SMZ-171 Stereo Trinocular as standard. *Greenough Wide Field 10X/23mm Eyepiece as standard. *Magnification Rang: 7.5X-50X, Obective system 1:6.7 * Optional Auxiliary Objectives (Doubler Lens): 1.5X (magnification upto 75X) 2.0X (magnification utpo 100X) All new generation, advanced & flexible illumination gemological scope. Universal Gemological Base, Fits all the leading stereo Microscopes Heads, Lecia S9 Stereo Head Zeiss Stemi 508 Olympus SZ61

*All LED lighting System
*Base Light: 4600K, 20W Yellow iLED
*Fiber Optic: Flexible with separate light control
*Gooseneck Indescent Light: 6500K White iLED
*Magnetic Tweezer