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The selection of a Diamond Verification Instrument can be a daunting task. The number of instruments available in the market with different capabilities and at different prices makes it hard to select the right instrument for your operation. The ASSURE Directory has been developed to provide you with objective information about Diamond Verification Instruments so you can choose the right one for your operations. Click here to find a short summary of the ASSURE Tested instruments. Diamond Verification Instruments included in the ASSURE Program differ in terms of the range of stones they claim to be able to process. We have tested the Diamond Verification Instruments on the ASSURE samples, which may not cover all sizes and colours which manufacturers may claim their instrument is capable of processing. All Diamond Verification Instruments listed in the ASSURE Directory have been tested on the ASSURE Core Sample which consists of 0.02 ct-0.20 ct loose stones (D-J colour).

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